Best Sportsbooks For Betting On The Patriots

It has looked like sports betting could get legalized in Massachusetts in recent years. But as each legislative session has started, each has ended in disappointment. It looked like it might finally happen during the 2021 session when the House passed a bill, but it got stuck in the Senate, resulting in another year wasted.

For most of the last two decades, the New England Patriots have been one of the best bets in the NFL. They won at least ten games every season from 2003-19, the division from 2009-19, and won the Super Bowl three times from 2014-18. 

But now that Tom Brady is gone, they are not a sure thing anymore.

New England Patriots Odds At The Best Sportsbooks

Odds For The New England Patriots To Win The Super Bowl+8000+6000+7000

Where Can You Bet On the New England Patriots? 

Massachusetts has yet to legalize sports betting, so bettors in Massachusetts will have to travel to one of several neighboring states to place a legal bet. Rhode Island and New Hampshire have both retail and online/mobile sports betting. Connecticut will be launching mobile and retail sports betting soon. 

New York currently has retail betting at a few commercial/retail casinos in upstate New York. But the Empire State is expected to launch mobile betting sometime in 2022.

So, for now, bettors in Massachusetts will have to travel to place a legal bet. But with the number of bills introduced at the start of every legislative session, legal sports betting is bound to come to Massachusetts at some point in the near future.

Online Sportsbooks

DraftKings: DraftKings is the only online provider in New Hampshire and will also be available in Connecticut. New users can enjoy a first deposit bonus when they sign up, a 20 percent match with a max value of $1000. 

Caesars: Caesars is the only online provider in Rhode Island. New users can enjoy a risk-free bet with a max value of $5000 when they sign up for an account. 

FanDuel: FanDuel will be available in Connecticut when sports betting launches in-state. When new users sign up, they can enjoy a risk-free bet with a max value of $1000. As one of the largest and most well-known providers in the U.S., it is bound to be a hit with bettors in Connecticut.

Retail Sportsbooks

Foxwoods Resort Casino: Located in Ledyard, Connecticut, it will offer retail sports betting once it launches in-state. The resort has partnered with DraftKings and is roughly 100 miles from Boston.

Resort World Catskills: Located in Queens, New York, it has a sportsbook located onsite, Sportsbook 360. Kiosks are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The betting counters are open from 10 AM to 1 AM Wednesday to Monday and from 5:30 PM to 1 AM on Tuesday. It is approximately 220 miles from Boston.

Twin River Casino Hotel: Located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, it has a sportsbook onsite presented by the Rhode Island Lottery and powered by Caesars. The hours of operation vary from day to day. On most days, it is open until midnight. But on Tuesday and Wednesday, it closes at 8:30 PM. It is located approximately 50 miles from Boston.

How NFL Betting Odds Are Calculated 

Oddsmakers each have their own way of calculating the odds for a game. But most will use a combination of various algorithms, advanced mathematics, and every piece of relevant data on the teams involved they can find. But once the opening line gets set, odds will change according to how the public is betting, because of new information about either team, weather conditions, injuries, etc.  

The following is the betting line for the New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans game in Week Five of the 2021 NFL season:

 Point SpreadMoneylineTotal (over/under)
New England Patriots-7.5 (-112)-40038.5 (-115)
Houston Texans+7.5 (-108)+31538.5 (-105)

If you decide to take the Patriots against the spread, the team will need to beat Houston by at least eight points for you to win the bet. It will take a bet of $112 to win $100. But if you take the moneyline instead, it will take a bet of $400 to win $100. However, if you take the Texans against the moneyline and they win, a $100 bet will win you $315.

Should the two teams combine for 39 points or more, you will need to bet $115 to win $100. But if you take the under and they combine for 38 points or less, you will need to bet $105 to win $100. 

What Kinds Of Bets Can Be Placed On the New England Patriots

Odds For The New England Patriots 2020-2021DraftKingsFanDuelCaesars
To Win The Division (AFC East)+650+700+700
To Win The Conference (AFC)+3500+3200+3000
To Win The Super Bowl+8000+7000+6000
Win Total (Over/under)8.5 (+125/-165)7.5 (-130/+105)7.5 (-135/+115)

Fans of the New England Patriots can put money down on their favorite team in several different ways. There is the betting line, of course; the odds for each game the team plays during the season. But that is not the only way. Sportsbooks will typically have a wide, varied selection of prop bets along with many different futures markets.

Bettors can also combine several game-related wagers into one bet called a parlay. Each leg will be a single bet on something like the moneyline, total, or point spread for a game. But if you lose just one leg of the bet, then you lose the entire bet. However, to make up for the increased level of risk, the potential payout is exponentially higher as you add more legs.

When it comes to games, sportsbooks will post the betting line which contains the point spread, moneyline, and total (over/under):

  • Point Spread: The spread is what oddsmakers predict the margin of victory will be for a game. The spread is applied differently depending on if a team is the favorite or underdog. For the favorite, the spread is listed as a negative number and subtracted from the team’s final score. If that team still has a higher point total than the underdog, you win your bet.

As for the underdog, the spread is listed as a positive number and added to the team’s final score. If the underdog’s point total is higher once the spread is applied, you win your bet.

  • Moneyline: If you want to bet on one team to win straight up, then you want to bet the moneyline. However, to make it enticing to take a chance on underdogs, you can win more if you bet on them, and they win. Consequently, when you bet on the favorite, you win less. The moneyline for each team will be a three-digit number and either + (underdog) or – (favorite).

When you bet on the underdog, the number is how much you win on a $100 bet. But when you bet on the favorite, that number is how much you have to bet in order to win $100.

  • Total (over/under): The total, otherwise referred to as the over/under, is a means by which you can bet on a game without having to pick a winner. Instead, you bet on whether the combined final score will be over or under a given number.

What Is An NFL Futures Bet 

Futures bets are wagers bettors can make on the outcome of an event in the future like the Super Bowl, division winners, award winners, win totals, make/miss playoffs, etc. Sportsbooks will often post the opening lines for futures bets once the outcome of the current season’s bet is decided. 

For example, sportsbooks will have the opening odds for Super Bowl LVII shortly after Super Bowl LVI is concluded.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the odds for futures are subject to change throughout the offseason and into the regular season and playoffs. It all depends on whether there is a reason for the outlook to be better during the offseason and on how they play once the season starts.

You can place futures bets as long as odds are posted and as long as they are life.

How To Place Prop Bets On the New England Patriots

Proposition bets, also known as prop bets, are bets fans can make on aspects of a game other than the outcome. Some of the most common are benchmarks for individual performance for particular players or for different team-related benchmarks. 

But they can also be things like Super Bowl MVP, whether a team will go 17-0 or 0-17, or who a rookie quarterback is going to throw his first touchdown pass to.

Some of the most well-known prop bets are the ones listed for the Super Bowl, i.e., length of National Anthem, the coin flip, first score, first touchdown scorer, quarterback passing yards in first half, etc. The following is one offered prior to Super Bowl LV:

  • Will the Anthem Singer Forget/Omit a Word during the US National Anthem?
    • Yes +1200
    • No -5000  

How To Bet On the New England Patriots In Massachusetts

For now, since sports betting is not yet legal in Massachusetts, bettors will have to travel to a neighboring state to place a bet. As for how to bet, let’s say you live close to New Hampshire. To place a bet, you will want to cross the state border into New Hampshire and do the following:

  • Download the DraftKings app from the appropriate app store for your device.
  • Register for a new account; be sure to claim the welcome bonus.
  • Make your first deposit.
  • Navigate to the page where the market you are interested in is located.
  • Click on the market and enter the amount you wish to risk in the betting slip.
  • Once you are ready, click ‘place bet’ to officially place your bet.

How To Bet On The Super Bowl In Massachusetts

How you can bet on the Super Bowl in Massachusetts depends on the time of year you want to place a bet. First, you will have to travel to one of the neighboring states where sports betting is currently legal. Other than the two weeks prior to the Super Bowl, you can only place a futures bet on a team to win the big game.

But once the conference title games are over and the opening line is set, you can bet via the point spread, moneyline, or total. Prop bets will often be posted during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Bettors can put money on them up until kickoff.

Bettors in any state can put money on the game regardless of who plays.

New England Patriots Sports Betting FAQ

    How popular is betting on the New England Patriots? 

    For most of the last two decades, the New England Patriots have been one of the more popular and safest bets in football. But ever since Tom Brady left, the team is not as good as it has been. Consequently, they are not nearly as popular to bet on.

      What is the closest sportsbook to the Patriots stadium? 

      The closest retail sportsbook to Gillette Stadium is located at the Twin Rivers Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island. It is roughly a thirty-minute drive (approximately 26 miles).

        Do the New England Patriots have any partnerships with a sportsbook? 

        No, the New England Patriots do not have a partnership with a sportsbook.

          Where can I bet on the Super Bowl in Massachusetts?

          You cannot bet on the Super Bowl in Massachusetts. To place a bet on the Super Bowl, bettors will need to travel to a neighboring state where sports betting is legal.

            Who has the best odds on the New England Patriots?

            Of the sportsbooks operating close to Massachusetts, Caesars and DraftKings have the best odds for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl (+8000).

              Does DraftKings offer odds on the New England Patriots?

              Yes, DraftKings carries odds on the New England Patriots, but DraftKings is not legal in Massachusetts.

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