Boston Red Sox Odds in Massachussetts

Mobile sports betting has not been legalized in Massachusetts, but momentum continues to build on that front. It’s possible the state could legalize and launch online and retail sports betting in time for the 2023 Boston Red Sox season.

Boston Red Sox 2022 World Series Odds at the Best Sportsbooks

DraftKings Massachusetts+3000
BetMGM Massachusetts+3000
Caesars Sportsbook Massachusetts+3000

These were the odds as of July 5.

Where Can You Bet on the Boston Red Sox in Massachusetts?

For now, nowhere. Until sports betting is legalized in Massachusetts, residents must visit a state where it is legal in order to place wagers on the Boston Red Sox.

If and when Massachusetts does legalize sports betting, residents will likely have both retail and online sportsbook options to choose from.

Online Sportsbooks in Massachusetts

Online sportsbook apps will allow Massachusetts residents to bet from the comfort of their own phone screen — provided they’re betting from within the state’s borders.

Most sportsbook apps offer a robust menu of sports on which to wager. And not just the traditional favorites like MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL. Boston sports fans can bet on soccer, both domestic and international contests, among many other niche sports and competitions. Most books offer an enticing welcome bonus to new users, too. 

Retail Sportsbooks in Massachusetts

Retail, aka brick and mortar, sportsbooks are physical locations where Massachusetts residents can visit to make wagers. The locations are often accompanied by amenities and attractions to draw visitors.

Future bettors within the state can draw clues from other states that have recently legalized sports betting. If Massachusetts licenses the launch of retail locations, and construction is approved, such a venue could include a hotel, multiple restaurants, bars, and other entertainment attractions.

Massachusetts’ three commercial casinos (Encore Boston Harbor, MGM Springfield, and Plainridge Park Casino) will likely have retail sportsbooks.

How Boston Red Sox Baseball Betting Odds Are Calculated

Red Sox betting odds are fluid and fluctuate based on a number of factors that sportsbooks and oddsmakers take into consideration, whether it’s from game to game or for the World Series. 

The most popular odds in the US are referred to as “money line” odds in which the number is accompanied by a minus (-) sign to indicate the favorite or a plus (+) sign to indicate the underdog.

If the Red Sox hit the road to face the Blue Jays or Yankees, it won’t be a surprise to see them with plus-money odds. If they’re listed at +110, a bettor will wager $100 for the chance to net $110 in the event of a Red Sox win. On the other side, if the bettor wants to wager on the Blue Jays or Yankees at -110, they’ll need to put up $110 for the chance to net $100.

There are a number of factors that can move lines in all sports, especially ahead of a single matchup. In baseball, however, the starting pitcher plays a major role in what odds a team will draw. Even if a team is generally considered weaker than another, and even if that team is on the road, it may draw favorable odds if their best starting pitcher is on the mound.

Boston Red Sox Baseball Futures Odds

Futures are the odds of a team to make the playoffs, advance to its sport’s championship, or win its sport’s championship. The Red Sox’s World Series odds are not great right now (see the table at the top of this page).

Boston Red Sox Baseball Prop Bets

Prop bets are based on the occurrence of a particular event and can be focused on a team or an individual player.

Bettors may place a wager on what team will score first, if a team will hit a home run, or how many home runs it will score. They may be able to pick the Over or Under on total hits, runs, or RBI a specific player will collect in a game. Or a bettor may be able to wager on the Over/Under on the number of strikeouts a pitcher may record in a start.

Prop bets can be for a single game, a playoff series, or the entire season. Bettors can place a prop bet on Player A winning MVP or Pitcher X winning the Cy Young.

How To Bet on the Boston Red Sox in Massachusetts

As of right now, bettors cannot wager on the Red Sox within the state’s borders. Those determined to place wagers for the upcoming MLB season would need to travel to a state that allows sports betting. 

When online sports wagering is live in Massachusetts, the first thing bettors will do is select an app to download and register with. It’s recommended that bettors utilize multiple books in order to find the best prices.

The next steps include registering an account, making an initial deposit, and proceeding to make a bet. Bettors will be required to provide personal information, such as age, address, and Social Security number, in order to register.

Once registered, new users can make their initial deposit. Options vary across sportsbooks, but most allow deposits via bank transfers, credit and debit cards, Play+ cards, VIP Preferred e-checks, and PayPal. Pay attention to each sportsbooks’ bonus offer, and regularly check this site to find the promo codes.

Withdrawal requests may take a little more time to process, but bettors will select their method of choice and the amount they’d like to withdraw. Options to cash out are similar to the deposit options. Deposits hit a user’s account immediately, but users shouldn’t be alarmed if a withdrawal takes 3-5 business days on some platforms.

Live Betting on the Boston Red Sox in Massachusetts

Live betting is a feature that’s becoming more popular on sportsbook apps, and baseball lends itself to those who enjoy tracking changing odds over the course of a nine-inning — or longer — game.

Sports betting isn’t currently legal in Massachusetts, but when sportsbook apps launch within the state, bettors will want to dig into each one’s features to be sure they support live betting.

How To Bet on the World Series in Massachusetts

Prospective World Series bettors are not currently able to bet in Massachusetts, so they would need to venture to a state where sports betting is legal.

Upon the legalization of sports betting — something that’s expected in the relatively near future — Massachusetts bettors will most likely have the quickest access to sportsbook apps that launch. However, retail sportsbooks may also become available for those who prefer their sports betting to deliver a more in-person experience.

Boston Red Sox Partnerships

The Red Sox are partnered with DraftKings, who serve as their official daily fantasy sports (DFS) partner. While that’s different from sports betting, the relationship could open the door for an expanded partnership down the road.

The first domino that needs to fall is the legalization of sports betting in the state. When that hurdle is cleared, it could pave the way for DraftKings to partner with the Red Sox as their official online sportsbook as well. 

Fenway Park in Massachusetts

Fenway Park, the home stadium of the Red Sox, is one of baseball’s most historic and iconic venues. The ballpark holds 37,731, a modest total even after renovations increased capacity.

Fenway Park is located at 4 Jersey Street in Boston. Time will tell if it serves as a location for a sportsbook. Other teams in states with legal sports betting have partnered with sportsbooks and opened a retail location at their home venue.

Boston Red Sox Baseball Odds FAQs

How are odds for the Red Sox calculated?

Professional oddsmakers at sportsbooks consider considerable information and data to calculate a team’s chances of advancing to, and winning, the World Series. These numbers aren’t static. Oddsmakers adjust them depending on a multitude of factors that happen over the course of the year.

Do Massachusetts’ legal sportsbooks offer bets on the Red Sox?

When legal sports betting and sportsbooks are launched within Massachusetts, bettors in the state will almost certainly be able to bet on the Red Sox. And there will be plenty of platforms to bet on.

How popular is betting on the Red Sox?

Boston is sports-crazed with a lot of successful sports franchises that call the city home. When sports betting is legalized in Massachusetts, it’s fair to expect a significant portion of the Red Sox fan base to also take to betting on their home team.

Do the Red Sox have a partnership with a sportsbook?

The Red Sox do not currently have a partnership with a sportsbook, as sports betting isn’t legal in the state. However, their partnership with DraftKings — the team’s official DFS partner — suggests that a deeper partnership could be forged in the future.

Who has the best odds on the Red Sox?

Odds for the 2022 World Series are fluid, so the sportsbook with the best odds now may not be the same one in a month. Be sure you check multiple sportsbooks so you can find the most favorable odds when you choose to place your bet.

Is DraftKings legal in Massachusetts?

DraftKings Sportsbook is not legal in Massachusetts. However, DraftKings operates within the state as a DFS platform. That relationship could lead to the launch of DraftKings Sportsbook within the state when online betting is legalized.

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