2023 NBA Title Odds Show Boston Celtics as Top-5 Favorite

The Celtics surprised many this season with their run to the NBA finals. With the young superstar duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, many thought they were another year or two away. Yet the play of veterans like Marcus Smart and Al Horford supplementing their two stars led Boston to the NBA finals.

They ran into the Warriors, who rose from the ashes like a phoenix to continue their dynasty after two straight seasons ruined by injuries. Golden State won the NBA Finals in six games over the Celtics.

Now the question is, can the Celtics prove it was not a fluke and truly be a contender for the foreseeable future? 

Boston Celtics 2023 NBA Title Odds

Many sportsbooks around the country seem to think that the Celtics’ season was not a fluke but rather a sign of things to come. Post-NBA Draft, most notable sportsbooks opened the Celtics’ odds to win the 2023 NBA championship right at +600. That ranked them no worse than second among all the teams.

In less than two months, however, the Celtics have risen to the No. 1 favorite with +450 odds to win it all across four major sportsbooks. One major factor in that big move likely is Kevin Durant’s request to be traded from the Nets as the Nets were expected to be one of the favorites to win the Eastern Conference next season.

Boston Celtics+450+450+450+450
Golden State Warriors+600+650+550+600
LA Clippers+600+700+800+650
Milwaukee Bucks+750+550+800+600
Phoenix Suns+1000+1000+800+950

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Reasons Why the Celtics Will Win the 2023 NBA Championship

The Celtics have a great culture in the organization, great management building the team, and a growing young coach in Ime Udoka, who could be the NBA’s next coaching superstar. Here are three reasons the Celtics will win the NBA championship in 2023:

  1. Brad Stephen’s move from head coach to the front office shocked everyone last offseason. At times, the job he did building the team for his handpicked coach Udoka confused everyone. In the end, Stephens proved he knew exactly what he was doing. Expect Stephens to add the necessary pieces to strengthen the Celtics. This time, not to just make it to the NBA championship but to win it. 
  2. The Celtics not only have two superstars under 25 years old. They also have some young players around them that are still developing. The Celtics have three players Grant Williams (23 years old), Payton Pritchard (24), and Robert Williams (24). All were essential parts of the rotation. It is reasonable to think that all three guys will continue to grow and provide more as they improve. Then there were a couple of guys that found themselves out of the rotation in the playoffs but showed glimpses in the regular season that they could potentially fill roles in the future. Aaron Nesmith and Romeo Langford, coincidentally, were both the No. 14 overall pick in the NBA Draft in 2020 and 2019, respectively.
  3. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown there is no better duo in the NBA, especially considering their youth. Brown showed just how good he can be in the playoffs, especially the Finals. Tatum had a great playoff performance up until the Finals. That motivation from Tatum after a rough performance in the Finals could see him grow even more. Could we potentially see Tatum’s first NBA MVP season in 2022-23?

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Celtics 2023 NBA MVP Odds

Luka Doncic, DAL+500+475+600
Joel Embiid, PHI+550+550+600
Giannis Antetokounmpo, MIL+600+850+700
Kevin Durant, BKN+1000+1200+850
Nikola Jokic, DEN+1200+900+850
Stephen Curry, GS+1300+1700+1600
Jayson Tatum, BOS+1500+1200+1400
Jaylen Brown, BOS+11000+14000+12500

Tatum and Brown are both listed in 2023 NBA futures bets for MVP. Tatum is between sixth and eighth in most odds listing, while Brown is around 27th on average. There are five teams with two players listed in the top 30 of NBA MVP odds. The great thing for the Celtics is they are the only team with two players under 25 years old. Both players likely will continue to grow and get better. Many other players listed at the top of the odds are already at the peak of their careers, while Brown and Tatum are just starting their primes. 

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